Please Support Greenman Brett To Give Free Reiki Sessions to Those in NEED!

Project Description :
Hello. My name is Brett and I am a Reiki Master. For those of you don’t know what Reiki is, it’s simply a way to help and heal people of their chronic pain, anxiety and stress. Contrary to western medicine, the healing abilities that I offer have nothing to do with expensive treatments or addictive opiates and painkillers. Besides, most people that come to me for help couldn’t possibly afford them. Although, I have my own business offering Reiki healing sessions and teaching Reiki classes, I knew I wanted to do something more. I wanted my life to have a greater impact on the lives of other people.That’s why I started a program through the Pain Management Program at a local hospital in Big Bear Lake, California. The program is entirely geared towards those who have suffered enough and they’re not getting the relief they need through traditional Western medicine. As a result, some of my students and I have taken as many of these people as we could on as regular clients and for most of us this endeavor is turning into a full-time job. All these people do not have the means to pay for these treatment sand we do not want their payments either. All we want to do is help them gain a more positive outlook on life while expanding the program and treating more and more people.The only way to render this possible is through your support. If we can join forces, I know we can help more people be happy and healthy again. Rest assured, every and any donation, does matter.