A holiday-season hello, everyone! If you’re revisiting our page, please know that our humanitarian project–and our personal financial survival, because we’ve invested our whole selves into the project–STILL urgently need emergency help, to get us through December and the first weeks of January.

This project is very much needed–and for 4 years already has been making a real contribution to the quality of life–in our part of rural Maine. Our mission and the work we do on a shoestring are known and warmly appreciated here. My husband and I have put ALL our personal resources into it, not waiting for global events to catch up and make our larger-scale humanitarian vision possible. (More on the bigger picture in the description below.) We have also been (some say) “too kind” to a couple of struggling families who now owe us a lot of money.

The upshot is that we absolutely must raise a total of $8,000 – 8 for Chinese good forTune, right?- to get us through to mid-January. Gifts can be small or large, and larger ones dedicated to the project itself can be tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor. Please check out our website at for what we’ve accomplished thus far, and how you can help, including the tax-deductible giving part.

PayPal gifts (if you don’t care about the tax deduction) can be made through

We thank you in advance! Please read on.

Danielle and Claude

Here’s what we’re about.

This endeavor was conceived as a humanitarian project in 2013, but its roots date back to 2008, when we became part-time homeowners in Milbridge, ME, a small Downeast coastal town. We’re a long-married couple with a fresh mission. For 9 years, and especially since moving here full-time in 2014 to start our project, we’ve observed the region’s assets and problems, participating in solutions to the full extent of our personal means and skills.

And SCAI has already made a difference! Not just in the music, theater and other arts opportunities we provide for youth and adults, which people appreciate, but also in an energetic way. Over the past 3 years, about 15 new organizations and businesses have set up shop in town, repurposing long-vacant buildings, all contributing to the optimism and prosperity of Milbridge and its surrounding area. You can see what we at SCAI are up to at

SCAI’s MISSION: • To inspire and foster the creative and performing arts in Washington County, ME, and the wider Downeast & Acadia Region, for personal, community and regional growth. • To integrate the healing capacities of the arts, plus effective traditional and new healing practices and technologies, into the lives of individuals and the community at large, for the greater well-being of all. • To create career paths and employment opportunities in harmony with our primary areas of focus.

MOTIVATION: Our region presents stark contrasts between, on one hand, unmatched natural beauty, a stalwart work ethic and a tradition of neighbor helping neighbor; versus on the other hand, extreme poverty, and lack of the financial, human and cultural resources to sustain life, nurture children, and offer viable, attractive futures to young adults who wish to remain here.

Our project falls most naturally in the Cultural and Health/Wellness categories, but has much broader implications, in scope and the types of issues ultimately addressed. One of the ways it can make an impact beyond its home base, is as a successful model for similar projects elsewhere.

Our LARGER VISION includes, first, a regional expansion of current offerings, when sufficient funding is available. SCAI will provide multi-arts programs throughout our under-served, very poor 3-county area: Washington, Aroostook and Hancock Counties. We’ll also begin to establish music therapy training, licensing and employment. Maine has virtually no music or arts therapy available, either institutionally or in private practice.

In its fullest form, SCAI and an affiliated foundation would also partner with others to address several huge intertwined economic, health and social issues, in the most holistic way possible. These include homelessness and joblessness; lack of human and infrastructure resources to deal with addiction and mental health needs; teen pregnancy and domestic abuse; mistrust among different cultural and ethnic groups; poverty mentality and habits; and the gradual but profound changes we’re seeing in the environment and traditional land- and sea-based industries, due to the warming of the Gulf of Maine and the erratic weather cycles pummeling agriculture.

These various issues need to be seen and dealt with in an integrative way. Currently, each facet contributes to the problem and the unraveling of the fabric. Each facet CAN contribute to the solution and making life whole again.

For a full perspective on this project please email us at

Thank you.

Danielle Woerner,
Co-founder & President