SDIC Attire!

The SDIC Movement is a collaboration of individuals working towards holistic and sustainable developments of communities organized to inspire optimum human potential and preservation of the earth for future generations.

Everyone deserves the support of their community. The SDIC is aimed at inspiring communities to sustainably and harmoniously support one another as well as the natural world. It is our passion to enrich the lives of others through the self-empowerment of growing your own foods and medicines, to bring people together to share insights, creativity and ideas as steps in sustaining and inspiring the community towards health, happiness, and connection ultimately building a stronger bonds in neighborhoods, towns and cities. To remind humanity why we crave belonging through instincts of unity within a community because we have evolved in such a way we prosper more when helping and supporting one another.

SDIC is an organization founded in Big bear California focused on:
-Sustainably Developing Improvements to the Local Communities
-Connecting People and Communities to Sustainably Share Useable*
-Transplanting, Planting, Growing, Harvesting, and improving the growth of Useables.
-Sustainably developing harvest organizations for usables that have historically gone to waste.
– Composting Compostable, Recycling Recyclables,
-Creating Products that Improve Health and Nurtures Creativity
-Organizing Collaboration between Individuals and Community Projects
*Usables are plants that can be used as a food, drink or a medicine.

Finding A Path
When in nature, you realize there is more to life than going to work and spending your check. But what is it? As you hike more you being to answer this question for yourself, the silence revels a chattering mind calmed, in awe of the natural world, a humbling state. There your heart begins to speak not only guiding your steps on the trail but also you mind towards what your path truly is.

Building A Bridge
The journey from the heart to the head is said to be longest, but we believe shift happens and that the human race is ready to take the next step in our progression now. There is an ever growing market for organic foods, holistic healing and a hunger for spiritual enrichment . So what does that mean for us? Well, we have an opportunity like never before to come together for the greatest good.

SDIC: Sustainable Development Inspiring Community

Teaching locals to grow their own food and medicines locally.

Restoring Native Plants, and Animals

Kindling Rabbits
Raising Chickens
Fish And Great Future For Our World!

Our Vision For the Future

We envision:

The rebirth of community, spirituality and reverence for all that is.

Conscious business practices expected by consumers.

Sustainable access to cultural wisdom, the arts, and total wellness recognized as an important part of each community.

Increased sustainable local food, energy independence, and symbiotic relationship with the natural world.

Sustainable system of honoring elders and preparing youth.

Earthships, Sandbag homes, Greenhouses, gardens, food forests, learning centers, common space, etc.


We are expanding our vision and our projects and are asking for your help to do just that. We welcome with open arms your involvement and your support at this critical time for humanity and the earth we all live on! Thank YOU!

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