Ronnie Has Prayed With And For So Many Of Us I “PRAY” You Will Help Her Now!!!!


Many of you out there know Ronnie’s voice and you know her heart, you have heard her pray for everyone else. NOW it’s time to send our prayers in any donations you can make to Help Ronnie in Her time of need.

Thank YOU So Much Cowboy & Grace

This is the email request sent to Fund With Love.

Dearly Beloved,

I know that there are so many in desperate need.
I have been out of work for 5 months from Rotator Cuff Surgvery.
All of my income and benefits were cut off or denied.

I am 600.00 behind on my Gas Water Phone and Meds.
I have reached out to a few Angels for help but the resources are drying up.

Thank You Cowboy & Grace and Fund With Love for Your huge heart to LOVE SERVE AND HEAL HUMANITY.

Veronica Ronnie Clay❤

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