Amy’s Family and Her Mom

Dear Cowboy and Fund With Love, My name is Amy Garren. I am a disabled mom of six. I am disabled due to a bad wreck when my car hit some black ice and rolled down the ridge. They resuscitated me three times and had to give me two blood transfusions. I now have permanent brain damage and am struggling to be the mom I want to be for my children. My kids range from 17 years old down to my precious little two year old…four girls, two boys. Two of my daughters suffer from grand mal seizures. My husband is a good hard working man with a job at the Toyota factory and with my check and his we DO NOT qualify for a lot of aid. I so miss my mom and the support she gave us, we are really struggling right now. I know everyone is and I feel sorry for that. I also know the hurricane’s has hurt a lot of folks already and there will be more to come. My family needs your help! Our only means of transportation has blown a rod and bills are piling up. I’m behind on our mortgage and I’m afraid I won’t even have enough to pay the light bill this month. I have been robbing peter to pay paul as the expression goes but there’s just no place left to rob. Right now we would not have food if not for our Dear friend Misha who has been helping us when she can. She is an Angel and she has taught me so much. She is the one who asked me to send this message to You and Grace at Fund With Love and see if there was anything you could do for us. I thought maybe by telling you what we are going through that you might know of some way to help our family. Our need is immediate… I’m scared.. please. .. help me.



You can help to Amy and her Family through PayPal at.

From Cowboy

I found a link to a book that Amy had Written a while ago called “Moments In Time, Featuring Grandmas” It was a memoir to all Grandmothers everywhere, meant to be a coffee table book. It features stories from Grandmothers all over the U.S. about their Love sweet Love and how it can change the world. AMY ended the book with a bio in which she said “Amy Believes that no dream is too hard to strive for, and that if you have faith, in time, every moment in life will be worth the memory.”

Please I ask all of you to do whatever you can to help AMY and her Family make those future memories good ones. Thank YOU for reading Amy’s story if you would like to help right now please contact Amy by email or donate through PayPal at

Thank you Cowboy Ziggy & Grace Fund With Love

This Morning I found this post on Amy’s Facebook Page All-Ways Helping however she can.

“If anyone is traveling to escape Irma, and you cannot find lodging for your family and pets..I do not have the largest place but I will help all I can… if you and yours need a place to crash and also any animals..livestock such as chickens you are trying to keep safe and have a hotel room but of course no chickens allowed you may use my yard. I wont charge or turn you away. Don’t stay in dangerous traffic or drive where your falling asleep at the wheel… I’m here and I will help all I can. God bless you all and keep you safe.”

Thanks to all who sent help I received a email from Amy today saying that on Monday they shut off her electricity if she does not pay that bill so please help her if you can, thank YOU!