At Mary & Maggie’s, we are striving to bring all the goodness of local, organic farms to folks in our own communities.

We started as a couple of girls passionate about real food, nutrition, and supporting local agriculture. Maggie’s backyard gardening skills became a full fledged mission for nutrition after giving birth to a beautiful daughter and a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world in singapore, Mary was honing her skills baking bread and learning about ancient grains, as a peaceful distraction while working on her dissertation. Fast forward to Spring 2017, and Mary & Maggie’s was born, with a mission to support local, organic agriculture by bringing fresh, delicious foods to the communities where the food is actually grown! Our specialty goods are made with organic, micro-local, seasonal harvests, and crafted in small batches for exceptional flavor. We strive to bring back the collective flavors of our past by pairing time-tested methods of preserving with innovative recipes using the freshest and finest ingredients.

We carry out this mission from our humble kitchen in downtown riverside, where, from the back of a local pub, we prep for festivals, market nights, food truck and catering events, and prepare snacks and specialty preserves. Working closely with our farms, we’re able to offer meals with produce picked no more than 48 hours before it makes it into your salad or sandwich, and preserves made with rare fruits and no artificial ingredients.

For us this isn’t just a passion project. It’s a way of life, which heretofore we have bootstrapped without any outsider investments or help. We’ve learned to become accountants, web developers, and navigate food laws and permitting in order to bring our vision of a happier, healthier community to life.

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Warm Regards,
Mary & Maggie