Please Help Lacie Daye Get Her Music Out To The World!


I would only imagine you more colorful. You are all the courage you need. Do the things you must to love. The tears should be emotional; cry it all out there. You have all the time you have. Enjoy your moments with calm collected transition.


It starts with an invitation. It all started with an invitation. I invite you to listen and anew. Renew with my music as I sing with you. Let the messages take you where you need to feel.

My mission is one of higher influence. My mission is one of teaching. My mission is one of love and upcoming. My mission is my gift to you.

I am looking to raise $11,000 to help me launch my mission.

Funding will go toward travel, promotional materials, and recording time. Any amount is appreciated. Thank you for your support and kindness.

Lacie Daye

Those Who Try

Where We Live

To Be Free

Ruled By Fools

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