Please Help The Families in Tamarindo Recover!

Please Watch This!!!!!

I lived in Tamarindo for 5 years and I know first hand the amazing people who live there I hope you will help them in anyway you can. Thank You! Ziggy & Grace Fund With Love


Hurricane Nate in Costa Rica was devastating and tragically displaced those that were the most poor and vulnerable in our community. These people are the backbone of our community. Working people who live a very simple life and now the tiny bit that they had has all but disappeared. Many families lost EVERYTHING, rivers have washed away their homes and THEY REALLY NEED OUR HELP!!!

We are Tamarindo Cares, created by a few longtime Tamarindo Locals in conjunction with a number of established community Non-Profit groups.

Once we saw the immediate need for fundraising for the local community living in poverty that was horribly affected by Hurricane Nate, we knew we needed to act.

Families were without basic necessities… food, water, shelter, clothing, school supplies, and medicine.

The “Tamarindo Cares” efforts will funnel 100% of the donated funds directly to the affected areas via three “on the ground” organizations: Tamarindo ADI, CEPIA, and HERO ACADEMY.

This is facilitated through a U.S
501c3 Registered Non-Profit via PayPal’s “Giving Fund”.