The Lost Church a haven for adventurous souls hungry for new thrills in unexpected settings.

The Lost Church!

Open new neighborhood spaces for live performance. Whether it’s in the back of a restaurant, a portable mini circus tent, or signing long term leases.
​We need new spaces!!!

Keep performance spaces alive by instituting simple and fresh sustainable business practices. This includes proper permitting, management and promotion.

Support ​small performance spaces under fire. Whether it’s by supplying legal and financial support, or helping with crisis management.

We are a 501c3 non-profit arts organization dedicated to creating, sustaining, defending spaces for live performance; and the communities they serve. We currently run one theater in San Francisco, have a space donated in downtown Santa Rosa which should be opening in mid-2018, are in talks to take over a 150 seat theater to expand our work here in San Francisco, and are working with 2 smaller performance spaces to get them fully permitted. Our ultimate goal is to open enough small 50 seat venues through California, that we can offer a touring route for performance artists of all varieties… whether it is magician, musician, comedian, or playwright. Once opened, each of our theaters should be able to sustain themselves on ticket sales, but we need to raise roughly $75,000 to open each one, as well as funding for the bigger work of THELOSTCHURCH.ORG. Thanks!


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