Helping the Homeless Find and Keep a Permanent Home!

This project is design for the homeless person. My idea is to get as many homeless people off the street into a private managed shelter. Facilities development includes locations to take showers daily, food and clothing. Then there’s the permanent facilities where the homeless can stay year round, which is a room, apartment or house. The initial managed care would include security and clerical personnel which will do intake and monitor the customers. Facility renovation would be contracted through a construction trade school who will use apprentices (students) and subcontractors to handle the daily renovation works. We are looking at 15 to 20 dedicated students/apprentice for this project. Scholarships/grants will be awarded to those who qualify for enrollment cost of about $5000.00 to $6000.00 per apprentice. These scholarships/grants will cover students tuition cost, tools, uniforms and training. Our project is non-traditional because the finished products, the renovated homes, will not be sold for profit or turnover. These facilities will be used to accommodate the homeless, train the apprentice on construction concepts and hands on application, employment for the apprentice, contractor, subcontractors, revenue streams for tools-supplies-equipment retailers/businesses, and economic development for local community.

The start up cost would include renovation of foreclosed homes, material cost, equipment cost, vehicle cost, administrative overhead (about 5 people). The future plan is to renovate a few commercial building where the homeless can shower, take a nap and eat. There would be no obligation to sign up into a program, just a revolving door. My initial plan is to renovate foreclosed homes that cost between $15,000 – $25,000 thats not run down that bad with safety hazards. These homes will be renovated into private rooms to accommodate as many people as possible under one roof.

The start up cost projection for 6 months for 5 foreclosed homes at $15,000 – $50,000 each home or $150,000 total for 5 homes….6 vans that can seat 6 passengers including insurance and gas @ $160.000…renovation cost for 5 homes (contractors and materials)@ $30,000 each home or total cost $150,000….5 office staff and 3 instructor payroll for 8 people paid $20 per hr @ $154,000 per 6 months….stipend fund for 20 homeless person for personal items @ $1000.00 each person or total $20,000…renovated home overhead cost for utilities, water, food, clothing, furnitures, appliances, property tax and insurance for 6 months @ $21,000 per home or $105,000….office supplies, office equipment, school furniture, office space cost, apprentice scholarship/grants, construction equipment for 6 months @ $160,000…fund reserves for fluctuation in daily project cost analysis $50,000…Total Cost For Start-up $790,000.00

The plan is to partnership with a construction trade school being the lead contractor:

Brookins Construction Trade School

If you are interested in supporting this “Humanitarian Project”,
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Christian Caine