Going to Grammys house. That is what I want my grandchild to get to do. Through the process of life, happenings, choices, dead ends and such. My giving of acting classes to many has not kept the finances up as we had hoped for. The climate change of work, the country and many other situations have my husband and I in debt and looking at the possibility of loosing our home at 65 and 67 years of age. He works 12 hours a day and lots of times on weekends. I have been teaching acting, business skills and such for over 20 years, also have a part time job and am trying to learn all the time so I can “make a living”. It is not from lack of trying.

I am wanting funding so that I can keep our home of 26 years, so I can give more acting classes to cancer patients, people that can’t work or afford this expressive, meaningful experience. The fear these last 2 years have almost destroyed any hope or trust in myself. When I heard about this fund with love I felt exhilarated that there might be people out there that would care enough to help Grammy La La to help more people.

Please reach out and help if you can we thank you from the bottom of our grateful heart.

You Can Donate HERE Thank YOU!