OK, I am here to tell you I have met this little Angel and she is the sparkle of light and love that needs to shine for all to see. The energy and hopefulness she spreads is so needed by the world at this time, she believes in the good things coming and so do I when it comes to her future. Awhile ago they were all ready to do this and then they had a car accident, Livs was OK but Mom required 4 surgeries and was unable to work so the dream got put on hold for a bit while Livs nursed Mom back to health. Now Mom want’s to say thank you by doing this for her daughter, so PLEASE support her if you can and thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ziggy & Grace Fund With Love!

Livs has secured a spot in the National event with The Industry Network, and we need your help to cover her participation charges.

We we will be working with professionals from the entertainment business for the five days that we are there. If you know her at all, then you know how much she loves to sing, dance, model, and act, and the work she has put in towards this opportunity. She is slated for training and polishing in each of these areas!

WHEN we are fortunate enough to raise the amount to cover her participation fees, any additional money raised will go towards accommodation, travel, wardrobe, and professional services (we need a little coaching getting her solos prepped). Thank you for your support! Livs Mom