Digital Cowboy Needs A Little Help!

Hi Cowboy Ziggy!

Many thanks for getting in touch with me. I’m a 55-year-old guy and have been a contractor in IT my entire life. was contracting with a large Fortune 50 Global IT company and they hadn’t paid their bills since March 2017, so on the Tuesday after Labor Day all the IT contractors were laid off. We were told we should expect to be brought back to work by late October after the company had at least paid all the bills off. Nothing has occurred as of this moment. I had to sell back my dong and dinar to to keep floating during October and November. Rent is due today ($1,000.00) and my utilities are due today, ($350.00). I am out of food and clean drinking water, need to get my prescriptions filled and buy some food. I’m also dealing with some horrible issues like Crohn’s Disease, Diabetes, Hepatitis C, enlarged spleen, pancreatitis, micro parasites, an unknown bacteria, staph infection, Rheumatoid arthritis, yeast infection, high blood pressure, tennis elbow in both elbows, nephropathy in my feet, sleep apnea and Morgellans. I need my many prescriptions filled and money for Kristy, my remote Reiki Master to help keep everything in check until the healing beds are ready for us to use. At my age, I am over qualified to work anywhere. I know we are extremely close to our funding from St. Germain (X $’s per year for 10 years), but nothing yet. I am getting weak and need to get rent paid, bills paid, prescriptions filled and food/water. I’ve sold everything I can. I only have my 29-year-old Oldsmobile that was purchased new by my grandad to sell and I am getting hundreds of views on Ebay, but no bids or offers. I ’m in a hole and have prayed the best I know how and nothing. Any donation of any size would be MUCH Appreciated! And I want to bless you back after the NESARA/GESARA announcement/the start of the RV/GCR/and our Currency Exchange. Thank you for helping a brother! May Prime Creator Crexlan Bless You!


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