Calling All Fellow Lightworkers, Urgent Assistance Requested

We had an amazing couple, Chef Al and his dear partner Donna, reach out to see if we might be able to help them find some support with the basics until larger funding comes in. If you can help them we would really appreciate it, every little bit helps. You can donate to them through their PayPal account by sending it to; click on Friends and Family window.

Chef Al’s VegUnlimited, which is an educational organization dedicated to the teaching of Organic, Plant-Based Cuisine, both cooked and raw! He and Donna have a new project that will be posted here soon. Chef Al offers Private Chef Services; Vegan Culinary Arts Trainings; Business Wellness Programs; Kitchen and Pantry Transformations and Chef-to-Chef Consulting in Organic Plant-Based Cuisine. He can help you learn what to do with all the magnificent, organic bounty of your region and have it taste delicious. Chef Al Chase is a 1979 graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and brings over 40 years experience in the food industry to the preparation and teaching of Organic Vegan Cuisine. Consultations can be in person or via phone. Please make any donations to on PayPal.

Donna is an Organic, Plant-based Coach and teaches the Social and Marketing aspects of living an Organic, Plant-based Life. She has been living green for over 30 years and likes to inspire others to do the same. She helps people connect the dots between what is on their plate and the state of their health, the plight of the animals and the impact on the environment. She is also a public speaker, emcee, intuitive reader, improv musician and songwriter. In addition, Donna teaches, plays and performs Native American Courting Flute. Please make any donations to on PayPal.

They are currently looking to relocate to the Los Angeles and surrounding area to be near Donna’s elder parents who are faced with health challenges. Please let them know if you know of any housing/help you can offer to them. Also seeking a new MacBook Pro as theirs quit on them awhile back and they also just found out that their car that they are sharing needs to go back to the original owner. They are seeking a small camper van or a small eco RV to do their culinary and music ministry. Any leads regarding interest in the above services would be welcome. They are open to creative ideas and custom programs… please contact us at Blessings on the journey…

Update as off 9/29 We just finished up the workshop and we still need to cover $500.00. Deep prayers requested. Thank you.

We will be posting their projects in more detail very soon!!!!!!