Cody Snow Bringing Music of the Highest Vibration to the World!

When Cody Snow walked into the spiritual center in Grand Junction Colorado where Grace was speaking the room lit up, it was like someone turned a bright lite on and we all knew it was him. His smile was contagious and his love was wrapped around him like a fine colorful jacket. He is a star child and one of the new amazing energies that are here to help HEAL the world. His music is as he calls it music in the highest vibration of LOVE SWEET LOVE! We are seeing many of theses star children coming to earth in hopes of spreading a message of us all getting along and music helping us do just that. Below is a video Cody did to help introduce himself to the Fund With Love community. I know you will enjoy it and encourage you to support him and his music. You can support him through his paypal account at
Got some good news, Cody is finishing up the music for his very first MOVIE SCORE! The film called “The Dance” We’ll be shooting my very first MUSIC VIDEO! I am also getting a demo put together for everyone to check out soon!

Here are some video links as well: Please let him know what you think!

This one is just audio no video:

Here is his Artist Profile:

His Label Profile:

Here is a little more of Cody’s music!

Cowboy Ziggy & Grace