I was in Dakar back in 2013 and here i met with brother Mamoudou.This has been divinely guided from the very first moment i stepped in Senegal.Here is a small presentation of our project & vision,we need the support of architects,engineers,workers,carpenters of all kind etc for rebuilding infrastructure.This will create jobs for so many people locally.

Presentation in English and French:


“Feel more than fine” is a international organization that works for the well-being of populations through natural and humanitarian projects. It promotes the production of free energy. It is based in Belgium and intervenes in a lot of countries, notably Senegal.


Most people are looking for well-being. Everyone loves to flourish because this is the goal of any business. However this luxury is not yet given to anyone. People therefore need decent housing, natural food that meets sanitary standards, well-built schools to provide education for children and natural energy to enable everyone to enjoy the wonders of life.


This project aims to improve the living conditions of rural populations by creating a natural and ideal environment for them to maintain health and to flourish. It is also a project aimed at orienting the rural populations towards the exploitation of nature by providing them with the necessary means.

Estimated Initial Budget: 11 Million € / village.(needs still to be fully calculated)

Suggestion from Mamoudou.

I suggest that we build schools in the rural world and develop them into true holistic centers. The idea is to build a school in each village to set up a garden there to build a well and provide free energy. Then the interview is given to the guardians of the schools.

Thank you for viewing our Project/Dream to Help!

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2nd Project by us:

Free Energy through perpetual movement of wheels.

Invention works already and is waiting for funding.

Initial Funding:750,000 €

Full Funding:3 Million €.

Full Marketing Presentation.

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3rd Project by us:

One of Jasmin’s biggest passion is creating amazing recipes using fully organic raw vegan products,no sugar or other refined products.

This project aims into flooding all markets worldwide with Healthy Sneakers,first locally in Germany and then across the world.

Imagines all children of the world finally being free to enjoy as much sweetness as they desire.One barre of these sneakers equals a full meal created with purified alcaline water.

Initial Funding: 3 Million €.

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