Hi I Love You! Books for Schools and Scholarship Program

Literacy helps kids learn more about the world and find their way in life, yet reading is often shunned by kids in favor of TV and video games. I love helping kids discover the joy of reading and the new worlds it opens up for them. Not only that, but 2/3 of students who cannot read proficiently by the end of 4th grade will end up in jail or on welfare and more than 60 percent of all prison inmates are functionally illiterate.

If you can give a kid a book that grabs them and hooks them on reading, you help them attain a skill they can use their whole life!

I have two programs for kids. One is a scholarship program. The other is the Books for Schools program. I take nothing for overhead. ALL the funds go directly to kids, schools and teachers, and in fact can be paid directly to them.

About the Books for Schools Program:

My book “Circle” grabs kids’ attention and sucks them into reading. From there, the simple act of reading a book helps them discover how books hold wisdom, information, adventure and new ideas.

“Circle” is about a wide-open-hearted extraterrestrial, Mandy, who comes to Earth in search of one thing that will save her civilization. As the only child on Circle, she’s lonely and eager to meet kids on Earth. When she does, they help her hunt for that one thing her people need and even manage to melt the heart of the military general chasing them. In the end, they bring two worlds together forming a unique and wonderful way to communicate and learn from each other. (Find out the reason Mandy greets everyone she meets with “Hi I love you!”)

The Books for Schools program has a list of teachers awaiting funding for the curriculum and a class set of novels for their classrooms in middle schools. I have personally funded as many teachers as I can, but there a many more who would like to teach the book with the curriculum that includes astronomy, Earth sciences, aviation and more.

About the Scholarship Program:

For the scholarship program, one child or school is awarded $5,000 who wins the video contest — kids post videos of their ideas for new inventions to help humanity (and beyond!) The videos are based on the inventions in “Circle” and grow from there. For more info, please email FlyGirl@SydBlue.com.

My goal is to inspire kids and help them through reading. Reading changed my life and opened up the world for me! Through books, I self-taught beyond the limitations of my childhood, breaking out of the constraints of old ideas and paradigms. I believe in the power of story. I believe in the power of words! I want to share riveting stories that have love as a base and an underlying sense of optimism. When I speak at schools, I can see how desperate kids are for hope. They are inundated with negative messages from society, teachers, the news and social media. I have many videos to show you on how the kids light up when they read “Circle,” Below is a short one.

If You would like you can donate to this cause through PayPal at seetheblue (at) hotmail.com

Thank you and for more info see SydBlue.com

Love, Syd