Praying For Your Help!

My name is Sheri and my mom, and I are staying with my aunt in Tulsa ok, mom and I have been without a place of our own for over a year and my Aunt recently allowed us to come here and stay with her. However, the day we came she also lost her job and so we have been living off my moms social security check a little over $500 for the last few months, my Aunt misread the pay agreement for the electric and we lost our electricity this week we are very cold we have no transportation are money and out of food, I am the youngest and I will be 48 on 11/16 mom is 67 my Aunt is 55 so I am the one to go walk wherever I have to go with no heavy coat because I came here from Texas. The electric is the big deal for now and I don’t know how your site works to receive help. I pray a blessing come’s soon, like now, everyone around me is suffering and can’t seem to help either. Please advise and help if you can!

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