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Our lovesite is offered for free to anyone who uses it. All interest in funding is sent directly to the websites of whom ever it is intended for and at no time do we charge anyone receiving funding a service fee. NO money goes through Fund With Love website except for the donation given directly to us to help run the site through our Paypal account at fundwithlove@gmail.com. Thank you to those who have supported our efforts here. 

Think of this site as cross between Go Fund Me and Giving Pledge, like putting these two groups together in the same room to share stories, connect projects with funding and just plain share the love. We already have some serious commitments when it comes to funding sources and through our connections to many great websites we have tons of projects in need of funding and people needing help “RIGHT NOW”. We are so looking forward to helping many of you who are trying to make your dreams come true. Thank you for BEING here and please register your project or your desire to help others by offering funding on our contact page!  With Love Ziggy & Grace


Meet Grace and Ziggy

Janet Grace has been sharing her Heart and her story all over the world, inspiring people to push past their Fears and create a New Story from “Love” to be able to live a life of deeper Passion and Purpose. Her life path taught precious lessons that deepened her Faith, helped her Trust her knowing Heart and follow her own inner guidance, despite the roadblocks she faced. At age 20, she survived a near-death motorcycle crash in which her back was broken in several places and her entire face was crushed beyond recognition. Love, prayers and her Faith were the strength that fueled a miraculous healing and gave her the insight to help others going through challenging times. She is passionate about helping people live the dreams of their hearts and truly Love their Lives NOW. She shares her dynamic and powerful processes and programs that help people bring about Real Inner Change so they can Follow their Hearts. She Knows that with God and Love, All things are possible and that LOVE is the most powerful creative force in the Universe. Enter Her Website HERE!

Ziggy is a Reiki Master and Quantum Touch Energy and Chakra healer who lived many years in Russia, Central and South America where he studied the teachings of Buddhism, Shamanism and Indigenous storytelling. He is a self-published writer and teacher of the old indigenous ways of healing through the colors of the Chakras. This uses past life experiences to help guide people to their destiny and a future where Love Sweet Love is the only conversation we will have.

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